13 Cozy Rooms to Snuggle Up in in this cold weather

It’s gotten a little chilly here in Los Angeles, ok, a lot chilly.  Temps have been dropping down to the low-40s and high-30s at night, which is totally frigid by LA terms.  This weather, however, has given me the chance to bring out my long-neglected winter clothes.  But I digress… These crisp days and chilly nights have me dreaming of curling up inside with a mug of coffee or tea {or a really good hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top!} and my favorite throw blanket, so I thought I’d share with you a collection of snuggly spaces perfect for the aforementioned book, hot drink and throw.

This room SCREAMS cozy to me.  The luxe fabrics would be like swaddling to this fabric-obsessed girl.  I would curl up on the love seat and lose myself in a book while the sounds of the motor bikes and sirens of Paris go by.

So glam!  Yet, so cozy.  I’m not usually a fan of the flat screen above the fireplace, but in this case it works.  Can you name the movie playing?  Leave your answer in the comments area!

I would snuggle in among all the pillows on this fabulous day bed, draw the curtains and disappear into my book {and from the world -- it's like hide-and-go-seek!}.

The scale of this room makes it really inviting and those big fluffy couch cushions look like they'd just swallow me up!

design :: joe nye

There's room for two in this fabulous nook and a tray is a perfect place to balance your cup of tea while you sink back, take in the view and get into the latest page-turner.

via ariela designs

This peacock blue daybed looks very inviting with the added bonus of a sconce overhead for light when you lose yourself in your book until after the sun goes down.  I love the combination of the peacock blue daybed with the chartreuse curtains and orange throw

image via atlanta homes

This nook makes great use of the stair landing and the armchairs with ottomans look very inviting.  Plus, you are surrounded by books, which is perfect for someone with book-reading-ADD {such as myself, sometimes I have three or more books in rotation.}

design :: heide hendricks

The furniture arrangement totally makes me think of “conversation pits” from the 1970s!  Perfect for reading a book or playing Uno {or Cards Against Humanity if you're feeling cheeky} on a rainy day, don’t you think?

I bet this traditional library smells of leather and old books.

The linen slipcovered chair and metallic pouf in the corner of a bedroom looks like the perfect place to put your feet up and snuggle under the throw.  I also really dig the side table and lamp.

via casa sugar

The soothing blue walls and abundant sunlight with the chaise is just calling to me to while away the hours with my nose in a book, briefly pausing to look up and take in the view.

via stanley martin homes

Another gorgeous window seat/day bed with curtains to shut out the world while losing yourself in a book.  I love all the different ways Tobi Fairley brought in the mustard yellow color.

design :: tobi fairley

I have a thing for upholstered walls, so this nook is especially appealing to me.  I love the combination of metallics with the reds and oranges in the room.

design :: teri thomas interiors

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