Design Crush: Margaret Russell

Margaret Russell
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Okay, so she isn't really a designer per se, but her influence on the design world is undeniable.  I'm of course referring to the one and only Margaret Russell, editrix of Elle Decor and judge on Bravo's Top Design.

She is always so put together and how can you not love her commentary?  "You just can’t design a room around a cat" remains one of my favorite comments to this day.  The woman does not have a poker face and I kind of love her for that as I also have a very expressive face and my expressions sometimes can get me in trouble...

I have been so busy lately that I haven't gotten much farther than the editor's page in the most recent Elle Decor, but I am really looking forward to the profiles of five female interior designers at the top of their games.



PS Russell also professes her love/addiction to Mad Men in this month's letter.  No wonder I like her so much!