It's getting to be that time of day where my sweet tooth goes into overdrive and it takes every ounce of will-power that I possess to not eat all the candy that is stocked in the office kitchen.  The Francophile in me decided to look up pictures of Laduree Macarons instead.  Macarons from Laduree are perfectly perfect bite-size pieces of heaven.

For those not "in the know" -- macarons are an almond and sugar-based pastry and Laduree is the patisserie that has perfected the recipe that was first brought to France in the 16th Century by Catherine de Medici.  Today, Laduree sells 15,000 macarons a day.

In my search for the most drool-worthy image, I came across the Stuff Parisians Like blog, and this post explicitly about the love affair the French have with Laduree and their macarons.  You can read the very witty post here.

I especially love the passage about Parisian women and their, um, conflicted relationship with sugar:

The Macaron
Ladurée clearly serves this purpose. But it also Parisian women to
treat with ill-repressed brutality their weird relationship to sugar:
offering Macarons Ladurée to friends will allow the Parisian woman to
taste them and therefore to look like she doesn’t have a problem with
sugar (note that her attention will be focused all night-through on the
moment she can indulge in the macarons she brought). On top of this, le
Macaron Ladurée is a perverse weapon for Parisian women. Bringing
Macarons at a party will force other women to have at least one. And
therefore to gain weight. So not only does the Parisian woman feels
better about herself but she can rejoice for her friends also have to
gain weight so she doesn’t look like the only fat one at the end of the

Now, alas, I'm off to the gym to continue my quest to be ready for ski season.  If only I could be going to the Rue Royale for macarons.....

(Photo: Laduree)