Cocktail Culture and the Home Bar

Is anyone as big a fan of Mad Men as I am? I can’t get enough of that show – the costumes,
the sets, the characters, etc. I
especially like the highball glasses with the silver rim seen in this photo of
Don Draper and Roger Sterling – I actually saw a set that was very similar at
Lee Alex Décor and passed on them as my car was already bursting at the seams
with all my fabulous vintage finds and I am seriously kicking myself for not
grabbing them when I could.

I have always been a fan of cocktail culture and love its
resurgence, courtesy of Matthew Weiner’s brilliant series. I came across this article on the cocktails
of the characters of Mad Men and what it says about them on

It's hard to miss the five-martini lunches and constant scotch drinking on the fantastic AMC drama
series Mad Men,
but plenty of classic cocktails, from the Old Fashioned to the Brandy
Alexander, have also made cameos. To honor these hidden stars, we asked good
sports Toby Maloney, noted barman and cocktail
consultant, and Alex Kelley, Brandy
spirit sommelier, to tell us what each character's
poison reveals about him or her. Here's a look at a few of these cocktails and
the best places to drink like one of Mad Men's irresistibly
troubled characters!

You can read the rest of the article here.

I also found a great article on how to build your own home
bar if you would like to reconstruct the joie de vivre of 60s cocktail culture
in your own home. You can find that
article here.


Style guru Colin Cowie also weighs in on what you need for a well
stocked bar here.