Bond No. 9

My name is Brett, and I’m a perfume-a-holic. There, I said it. I have a full wardrobe of perfume artfully arranged in a lacquer tray on my vanity table – I love that I have a scent for
every mood and every season. Some scents are appropriate for day, some for night. Same goes for the seasons. It is hard for me to walk into Sephora or Neimans and not buy a new fragrance.

I have a subscription to W, and receive their W e-newsletters – in today’s update, Laurice
Rahmé, president of Bond No. 9 is featured as a “Guest Guru” and talks about
the power of fragrance.

She believes that fragrance has the power to enrich one’s life. She also advocates blending different eaux de parfum to create a signature scent – what a fabulous idea! I’m always trying
to find unique perfumes so that I don’t smell like anyone else – I think I might have to try this for myself! She also recommends creating a fragrance wardrobe to use the power of smell to one’s
advantage – a woman after my own heart!

As I am a born-and-bred New York City girl, I have a personal affinity for the names of the fragrances in the Bond No. 9 collection; Each perfume is named after a different NYC neighborhood.

Here are some of my favorites:

Central Park  – “Nature, New York-style….An intoxicating sportive (not overly sweet) jaunt through urban greenery.” Notes: Bergamot, verbena, lime blossom.

Bryant Park – “Imagine an oasis of unflappably serene greenery, improbably nestled in a canyon of
skyscrapers. Now enter the chandelier-lit mega-tents of Fashion Week.” Notes: Lily of the Valley, rhubarb, pink pepper, rose patchouli, raspberry, amber.

Little Italy - Citrus-flavored melt-in-your mouth gelato in spray form. A smooth but zesty mingling of exotic fruits — think of this one as an updated invigorating splash of eau. Oh!.” Notes: Clementine, grapefruit, mandarin.