You can Learn a Lot From Your Clients' Closets...

I was over at a new client’s existing home today so I could take some photographs.  I really like going to clients’ homes b/c it really shows you how they live and what they like and is more useful than 100 meetings in a designer’s office or 1,000 pages torn from magazines.  Plus, I get the chance to photograph their artwork and collections so I can keep them in mind when I am space planning and developing the design.


In two of my three new clients’ homes I’ve seen Hermes ties hanging in the husband’s closet.  What does this tell me?  It tells me that the client understands and values the quality  of materials and construction/workmanship and is willing to make an investment in both.  The sight of the Hermes ties makes my heart sing — not because they are so beautiful or because I have a developing Hermes-habit, but because it means that I won’t be working with a client who wonders why the upholstered chair they saw in Z Gallerie is  only $600, and the chair I’m showing them is almost twice that (including fabric).  We have had several projects in this office in which the exact scenario described above was enacted on many occasions.  Tragic.


Laura Jacobs said it best in the September 2007 issue of “Vanity Fair”:

“Its name alone prompts sighs of desire among those in the know, and those in the know run the  gamut from French housewife to fashionista to queen (both kinds), from social climber to Olympic equestrian to C.E.O. The name itself is a sigh, a flight, and its proper pronunciation must
often be taught. “Air-mez”—as in the messenger god with winged sandals. Mischievous, witty, ingenious Hermès.”

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to working with this client, and not just because we will be making shopping trips to LA, which means I can see JAM, my former boss and mentor (and constant inspiration) Jeffrey Marks!