Nadia Barker - Hue & Timber

While studying interior architecture at UCLA, I got to meet and work with some truly talented and amazing people.  One such person was Nadia Barker.  Nadia started her own firm called Hue & Timber in Los Angeles after getting to work with such design luminaries as Kelly Wearstler

I came across one of her projects while surfing other design blogs and wanted to post them here and give her a proper shout-out.  Nadia had a budget of only $8,000 for the entire bungalow and the end result looks like it cost much more.  She entered the project in the Third Annual Color Contest hosted by Apartment Therapy and CB2 and was voted a regional finalist! 

Definitely remember the name Nadia Barker... I fully expect to be buying her monograph one day!

Here are pictures of the bungalow Nadia designed: