Books! Books! Marvelous Books!

A huge thank you to Apartment Therapy's daily e-mail for alerting me to the existence of the book High Style by Ron Woodson and Jaime RummerfieldWoodson and Rummerfield are hugely talented designers from Los Angeles and their designs tend to be over-the-top and full of Hollywood glam touches.

Naturally, while I was adding the book to my virtual shopping cart, I couldn't help but notice that the Celerie Kemble book is now available (click, into the cart it went)

And then I saw Regency Redux by Emily Evans Eerdmans -- I've read The Peak of Chic's reviews of the book and seen the images she posted on her blog and what do you know!?  Click, it's in my cart too.

I, like many of my fellow design bloggers, LOVE design books.  I look forward to the day that I open my own studio and have a room in which all four walls are floor to ceiling books -- how could you not be creative in that atmosphere? I am definitely inspired by this photo of Diane Bergeron in her studio in Australia:

Photo: Diane Bergeron Interiors

Thanks to both I Suwanee and MA Belle for pointing me towards the image!

My book-a-holism can easily be justified as a business/career necessity, and new books give me the opportunity to use my fabulous "From the Library of" stickers that I had made over at Iomoi.  I went for the elephant design:

I'm sure there will be more postings about my obsession with books and bookcases!  Until then.....