Noooooooooo....Say it Isn't So!!

My heart just fell through the floor!  I opened Apartment Therapy's daily e-mail and what greeted me at the start of the content but "Gimme Shelter: Domino to Close?"  A tortured gurgling sound just escaped my chest and I'm left with a terrible feeling.... First House & Garden and now Domino!?  Domino is a shining light in what I feel (with some exceptions) is a very homogeneous field of shelter magazines. 

John Koblin of the New York Observer delivers the potential bad news in 11 November's edition in an article called "No Shelter in a Storm!  As Economy Quakes, Home Mags Teeter."   Come on Ad Buyers!!!  Get crackin'!  A magazine can't survive on circulation alone, right?  Pretty please?

Pardon me while I gather up some back issues of Domino and weep softly in a corner.