From the Runway to....Your Sofa?

Interior design trends often follow those seen on the runway -- but have you ever thought about taking items directly from the runway (or your local vintage shop) to your home?

I  was inspired by the toss pillows on Kelly Killoren Bensimon's bed that were re-purposed Hermes scarves and featured  in an old issue of InStyle Home.

While I couldn't ever imagine turning one of my beloved fashion accessories into a pillow (mostly because I would likely fall asleep on the couch and drool on it -- gasp.) the same idea can be applied using other fun and funky scarves found at a vintage shop or eBay.  While trying to find the images of Bensimon's home, I came across a fantastic post on Apartment Therapy that has a brief "How-To" on making your own scarf toss pillows. 

Below is a picture (via Citified) from fashion designer Jacqueline Appel's groove-tastic home -- she used vintage Pucci scarves to create toss pillows for the banquette.  LOVE it.  As Rachel Zoe would say, "I die!  I die!."

Photo: House & Home Magazine, January 2006

But you don't have to stop with scarves in your fashion-for-home recycling efforts!  Designer Mary McDonald used vintage necktie fabric as accents in this Hollywood Hills bachelor pad:


Definitely check out Ouno's (pronounced oo-no, like the addictive card game we played as kids) etsy shop -- they sell one of a kind items made from vintage, recycled, salvaged and new sustainable fabrics.  I've already got an eye on a couple for my own home project:

Photo: Ouno

Photo: Ouno