Kage Handbags

Have any of you heard of the "Mom-Fia"?  Probably not because I think I just made up the term... But I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

The "Mom-Fia" is composed of Moms and their crews and they are hell-bent on bringing their progeny together; sometimes to disastrous effect, but sometimes their constant desire for you to befriend, hire, or date other members of the Mom-Fia Family results in something good.

In this case the Mom-Fia meddling resulted in a great discovery: Kage HandbagsKristin Holstein, or KG to her friends (aka Kage, get it?) designs gorgeous handbags made from the softest Italian calfskin (seriously, like buttah) in a range of shapes and sizes.  I looove color and Kage doesn't dissapoint with colors with names like smoke, poppy, electric, tearose, turquoise, and onyx.

Each of her bags are adorned with a trademark horseshoe be it a small charm, zipper pull or a large clasp.  The horseshoe is an homage to her mother, an avid equestrienne -- dues paid to the Mom-Fia, if you will.

So, click on over to Kage and buy something!  I know I will.....