Mod Doggie Silhouettes

A few weeks ago I was in a fantastic wine shop on Old South Pearl St called The Reserve List.  Like many local businesses, they have business cards from local artisans and merchants displayed at the cash wrap -- I always take a look because you never know what you may find there (I've found cat-sitters, cleaning services and more this way).  I am really glad that I looked because I picked up a card for Emily Ritt Photography showcasing the some of the Mod Silhouettes she has created.  I clicked over to her website to look at her work and I fell in love with the silhouettes she created of dogs.  I'm sure we have all seen paintings, etc that pet owners have commissioned of their fuzzy, four-legged family members that send you into cutesy overload.  These portraits do nothing of the sort!:

I'm already wondering how I am going to get my very hyperactive black lab to stay still long enough to take a picture to use for one of Emily's silhouettes.  I'm thinking pink and orange for my color combo...

If you live in Denver, I highly recommend a trip to the Reserve List -- they are so incredibly helpful and if you tell them you don't want to spend more than $15 on a bottle they don't look like they've just smelled something awful.  The staff there is very knowledgeable and once you are registered into their system all the wine you buy from them is in their database and they are able to recommend wine for you based on your previous purchases.  They also hold regular tastings to further educate you and expand your wine vocab so you can sound well-versed next time you order wine in a restaurant.