Modern Christmas Decor

I am a girl who loves tradition, and although I really appreciate all the garlands, holly sprigs, various incarnations of a bearded Santa Claus and more reindeer than you can shake a stick at, sometimes I want my Christmas decor to be a bit more subdued and streamlined, especially since my place (still need to come up with a better name..."Bachelorette Pad" is too unoriginal) is a Mid-Century Modern Ranch.

So imagine my glee when I came across the Big Pagoda website today!  Many of their items have an Asian-flair (I'm personally eying this translucent red Buddha):

I love this Tea Light Log, just picture it with small glass balls in the tube with simple white tea-lights:

Big Pagoda also has adorable pagoda, fortune cookie and lantern ornaments:

But I think I'm going to be doing more of my "Mod" Christmas decor shopping over at CB2!