Mod Christmas (Part Deux)

Ok, so Wednesday I blogged about considering a white Christmas tree this year instead of the traditional evergreen with sentimental ornaments.  Well, I was in Target on Wednesday night and found myself in the holiday decorations, and there she was in all her white/iridescent pre-wired glory and I had to have her.  I stayed up until almost 3am putting the tree together and trimming it with all the fab ornaments I found at Target, I'm not one to go to bed before the job was done and I felt it might be somehow disrespectful to leave her half-dressed.  So here she is, my beautifully fabulous Christmas tree!:

Unfortunately, I don't think my iPhone's camera is doing her justice, but you get the idea. 

Now that I have this great tree (and some other fun holiday decorations like glass urns with glass ball ornaments and shallow dishes filled with gilded pine cones covered in glitter!) I feel that I need to have a cocktail party.... of course it is a little late to do a Christmas Cocktail Mixer, so I'm thinking a "Celebrate that the Holidays are Over" party, complete with pre-made playlists and a signature cocktail!

So I went to my trusty entertaining resource, Colin Cowie Chic for some ideas for cocktails and other decor.  The book has a photo of Cowie's Christmas tree:

Cowie believes that htere is nothing as glamourous as a silver and white tree, and I'd have to agree!