Thank Heaven For Little Girls...

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True story... As I was heading out to the market yesterday an older French man approached me and asked if I was a student.  I told him no, but thank you for thinking I was so young.  The next question was "êtes-vous américain?" (are you American?) I said that I was and with a typical gallic shrug and a smile the older man said "Well, we can't all be perfect" ("bien, nous tous ne peut être parfait ").

This morning as I was heading out for a walk, the same man was there and with a big smile he said "aujourd'hui est un grand jour pour votre pays, n'est ce pas?" (Today is a big day for your country, isn't it?).  I said that, yes it is.  He smiled and wished me good day.

Tomorrow I will have to find out who he is -- he must work or live in the building as he seems to always appear as I am coming or going.  Ah, Paris!

Now I can't stop humming "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" by Maurice Chavalier from the film Gigi, one of my favorites!