I Think I Discovered the Secret to French-Girl Confidence

Photo: Pershing Hall

Thigh-highs.  No seriously, I mean it.  I went shopping at the Monoprix (like a French version of Target, though possibly cooler) the other day and I bought what I thought were tights.  Yeah, not so much.

I discovered this morning as I was getting dressed to attend Maison et Objet that they were, in fact, thigh highs.  It is far too cold to go bare-legged so I put them on.  They gave me a kind of "I know something you don't know" swagger all day.  The "Je ne said quoi" part of French-girl style often stems from their confidence and belief in how beautiful they are and I think thigh-highs might play a major role.  Or at least they did for me.  So I'm taking my thigh-highs to Pershing Hall, a hotel bar created by the genius minds behind Hotel Costes and designed by the amazing Andrée Putman.

À tout a l'heure mes amis!