Current Obsession: Yellow

When I purchased my home last year (I'm thinking about calling it Design Babylon's Domain, or DBD -- what do you think?), the front door and a portion of the wooden side fence were painted a very vivid, bright yellow.  My first instinct was to paint it over, but I decided to live with it for a while and let the house speak to me.  My dear friends (and trusted design mentor) Jeffrey Alan Marks came to visit me here in Denver and he told me that the yellow is very auspicious in Feng Shui and that I should keep it.  Auspicious or not, the yellow has grown on me and now I am unequivocally obsessed with the primary color -- the brighter the better!

Today I discovered the genius blog, Elements of Style written by Erin Gates.  Elements of Style introduced me to Lee Kleinhelter -- the extraordinarily talented owner of Pieces in Atlanta.  I've been a fan of Pieces for a while but was unfamiliar with Kleinhelter.  Kleinhelter's latest house is featured in the December 2008 issue of Cottage Living and has lots of pops of my favorite yellow:

Photo: Cottage Living, December 2008