Nocturnal Wanderings Part Deux

I only got a little bit lost on this nocturnal walkabout adventure, but it doesn't mean there was any shortage of incredibly inspirational visuals!

This is actually a daily sight for me.  These are the ancient and incredibly steep stairs I need to take to get to the studio.  Seriously treacherours.  In France they have what they call a "minuterie," which is basically a light on a timer that is spaced along the staircase.  Each light stays on for about a minute, so you better move fast lest you be plunged into darkness!

I passed this doorway and had to stop and take a picture of both the elaborate grill-work on the door and the gorgeous lobby beyond (see below).  I love the sensuous curves of Art Nouveau and I've seen some amazing examples during this trip to Paris.

This window display caught my eye as I was wandering down the Boulevard Raspail -- all the different colored gloves remind me of a perfectly organized Crayola Crayon box.

I snapped this shot as I walked down rue Sabot (named for the wooden shoes worn by European peasants).  It's hard not to feel as though you are walking in a movie when you happen about charmingly small streets like this one.

I saw this glass-sided tub in a plumbing showroom on the rue de l'Université -- I'm not sure I would like to take a bath in it, but it is certainly sculptural and beautiful to look at!

Just beyond the tub you can see the reflecting pool where the showroom staff can demonstrate all the various shower heads they offer -- it makes me think of a Roman impluvium, a shallow pool located in the center of the atrium in an ancient Roman home that collected rain water.

I just love this sleepy little gnome.  See, even the French with their studied Gallic indifference can't resist the appeal of the garden gnome!