Elle Décor Does Denver

How excited was I when I received my December 2009 issue of Elle Décor and saw that Denver was featured in it’s monthly travel guide!?  You have no idea.

style-guide-ED1209-Denver-Gazette.jpg illustration: elle décor

Writer Amanda Faison opens the piece with a nod to one of Denver’s more famous residents, Jack Kerouac:
A gray shroud fell over the city.  The mountains, the magnificent Rockies that you can see to the west from any part of town were ‘papier-mâché’”

01-MAIN-style-guide-ED1209-Denver-015.jpg photo credit: © Blaine Harrington III/Alamy

Faison raves about David Adjaye’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and refers to it as a “smoked glass jewel-box on the edge of downtown”.

style-guide-ED1209-Denver-006.jpg photographer: © Dean Kaufman

She of course also mentions Denver’s dedication to public art, although I’m not sure the “dancing aliens” at the Performing Arts Complex, the giant 40-ft tall blue bear that peers into the über-modern conference center, or the blue mustang of the apocalypse outside DIA should be recognized, but that’s just my opinion.

Of course you can’t talk about Denver’s architecture and public art scene without mentioning Daniel Liebeskind’s Frederic C. Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum.  The building has no, that’s right — ZERO, 90-degree angles in the 146,000 sq ft space.  Every time I visit the museum I feel for the builders on the project.

style-guide-ED1209-Denver-013.jpg Photographer: Steve Crecelius for Visit Denver

Faison closes out the article by saying:

And at its core, Denver is both Western and modern. The intersection of these two ideals—and the distant mountains—infuse it with an optimism that permeates every facet of life. ‘We can build the world afresh,’ the MCA’s Lerner says. ‘That’s the spirit of Denver.’”

I was beyond excited to see that Faison mentioned some of my favorite Denver spots which include:

The Curtis Hotel, which boasts very cheeky interiors that appeal to your more playful and irreverent side.  Definitely pop by The Corner Office bar —the drinks and bar apps are delish!

style-guide-ED1209-Denver-011.jpg image courtesy of root down

Root Down, a former service-station, now serves eclectic organic fare.  The chef adheres to a “field to fork” mentality, which results in very creative natural, local and organic dishes.  The food is impressive, but don’t pass up the totally original cocktail list; The Pepper Blossom is divine! { St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Prarie organic vodka, muddled fresh basil, lemon, jalapeno and agave nectar. Fragrant and light with a little kick at the end}

Composition is located in Belmar, which is a little out of the way, but it boasts the most complete offering of my beloved Russell + Hazel products — definitely a dangerous place for the paper-obsessed.

style-guide-ED1209-Denver-008.jpg photographer: Tiffany Rose

Hermès in Cherry Creek — um…duh!  Have you read my blog before?

{Inspiration: The Hermès Website} {You Can Learn A Lot From Your Clients' Closets} {How Do You Define Luxury?} {Fall Has Arrived!} {From the Runway to... Your Sofa?}

storefront1_full.jpg photo: lee alex decor

  • Lee Alex Decor is by far my favorite vintage furniture shop in the city.  It boasts a wide array of well-priced mid-century pieces and has a great selection of vintage barware, costume jewelry and cufflinks.  And the lamps!  Oh my god, they have the best lamps.  I need to go to Lamps Anonymous because of Theo {the owner}.  Be sure to chat up Sherry when you go in — she has stories that would make Howard Stern blush.  For reals.

table_6_600x600.jpg image: denver post

Faison, however, failed to mention one of my favorite Denver restaurants — Table 6.  The ever-changing menu of seasonal flavors never disappoints, and neither does the wine list.  Be sure to ask nattily-dressed owner and sommelier Aaron Foreman to recommend a bottle from the eclectic and reasonably priced wine list.  No one does duck like Table 6 — take my word for it.

If you are thinking about making a visit to the Mile  High City or are currently a resident, read the full Elle Décor article here: Elle Décor Goes to Denver