Meditations on Paris

Photo: Brett Valenstein, 2009

  1. The French love eggs -- they will put an egg on anything

  2. The French love ham almost as much as they love eggs.  I’ve been told that ham is the equivalent to a hot dog in the US.  But you don’t find hotdogs on the menu in the finest restaurants in the US.  Unless they are being cheeky like the kitchen at Table 6 in Denver with their Foie Dogs.

  3. Parisians do not pick up after their dogsPas de tout.  I’ve heard that people have narrowly escaped a steaming pile in the metro no less.

  4. You don’t see Parisians walking around with giant to-go cups of coffee. If they want coffee, they will duck into the nearest café and sit down, talk with friends or read a book and take their time.

  5. Parisians aren’t necessarily all about fashion, but they are all about style.  I have yet to see a fashion victim walking the streets of Paris and I’ve been here for almost a month.  The women here wear what works for them and wear their clothes with such confidence that they make it look effortless.  I think that is why women are forever trying to discover the secret to French-girl style. After this trip, I am convinced that French-girl style is more an attitude than what is hanging in her closet.

  6. Parisian pharmacists love to recommend any medication that effervesces.  And suppositories.

  7. I can’t hide the fact that I’m an Anglo in the land of Latins.  It doesn’t matter what I wear or who I’m with or if I am speaking French.

  8. I don’t find Parisians to be rude.  In fact, most Parisians I’ve encountered have been extremely helpful.  The French really appreciate it when you try and speak their language; Sure, they might let you fumble for the words for a few moments but then they will usually switch to English (if you aren’t up for the challenge of communicating entirely in French.)

  9. Parisian women do not over-heat!  I will be in a shop, visibly melting in my coat and oh-so-chic scarf and the Parisienne just stands there, cool as a cucumber.

  10. The French love American pop music -- I have yet to hear any French pop while out dancing at a bôite I have also learned that people the world over go nuts when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” plays.