Photo Courtesy of Bloom-Spirit

At Maison et Objet, there were several free-standing exhibits by various artists and interior designers that were created to make you think and start a dialogue about the state of the design world. 

One of the exhibits was called “Iconoclash” and was designed by Vincent Grégoire for NellyRodi.  The idea behind the exhibit was that the recent global economic crisis ripped the rug out from under us and has left us unbalanced, our normal ways of thinking didn’t make sense anymore. 

Rather than giving up the fight while waiting for Apocalypse or recovers, Grégoire’s exhibit is a kind of “safety valve” to alleviate some of the pressure we find ourselves under.  Philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky discusses the existence of a “humoristic society” in his book “The Age of Emptiness.”  In an absurd world that is desperately searching for meaning, nonsense creates a new order and scathing humor mocks the situation destabilizing us.

In our society, decoration is the flag-bearer of messages -- think advertising slogans and graffiti.  Iconoclash was very quirky and subversive in its recycling of old things to create fantastical new ones and displayed a healthy sense of irony.  The main message of Iconoclash is to give more weight to things that are not so serious.  The proverbial “spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down” espoused by everyone’s favorite governess Mary Poppins.  This kind of insolence puts the things in our world that take themselves too seriously in its place.

Below are some images I took at the reception held by Nelly Rodi in the Iconoclash exhibit.  Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional photographer!:

I tracked down some of the really interesting pieces used in the exhibit, so stay tuned!

À bientôt!