Affordable “Art”: Removable Wall Decals

Daum, a maker of gorgeous pâte de cristal pieces has a tagline that reads: “Art is the ultimate luxury.” Like many of you, true one-of-a-kind art is a little bit out of my reach right now but I do not want my walls to be bare!

Patricia and Gerrit Lansing’s Maine summer home was profiled in the July 2007 issue of House & Garden (RIP).  The home was a gorgeous and perfectly casual beach house, but the image that stuck in my mind was of the staircase that read: “And the Mountains Go Down to the Sea.”  The addition of the lettering to the risers creates a powerful focal point, yet remains simple and easily achieved on your own.

Photo: Eric Cahan

When designing my own home or those of my friends, I am constantly
coming up with less-expensive, creative ways to make rooms look
polished without breaking the proverbial bank, and I am very excited to share some of these ideas with you through a regular series of posts called "Affordable Art."  The first in the series on Affordable Art is about removable vinyl wall decals.

Vinyl wall decals offer a quick, inexpensive and impermanent way to decorate your walls.  If you are a commitment-phobe and the mere idea of living with a wallpaper design sends you into a panic, these easy to remove stickers are just what you need.  I particularly like the decals at The Surface Store.

As you can see, this post is still fairly Paris-influenced.  I'm still in The City of Lights but must return to my "real" life on Thursday.  It is likely that I will be suffering withdrawal from all things French so I am sure there will be plenty French-flavored posts to come!

À bientôt!