It's St. Patty's Day, So I Guess I'll Write About the Color Green...

It's Saint Patrick's Day so I am thinking about all things green.  Green beer has never appealed to me, but I LOVE green in the home!

Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature, tranquility, good luck, and health. Mint and aqua are refreshing shades of green while apple and lime green are more stimulating and create an atmosphere of joy and lightness.  Darker greens like olive or forest contribute to a calm ambiance.

I LOVE this green kitchen featured in the 2008 issue of Domino. The green (Sherwin Williams Direct Green #6924) is so bright and cheery and is very reminiscent of Kate Spade's trademark green.  It takes what could have been a rather blah kitchen and adds some interest.

(Photo: Paul Costello)

If bright kelly green is a little too bold for you, the green used in this living room (a combination of Glidden Longacre #919 and Timothy Straw #794) might be more to your liking.

Photo: House Beautiful

Green even works well in the bedroom.  This pear green (Benjamin Moore Pear Green 2028-40) bedroom featured in Domino's February 2007 issue lends a playful air to the room.  The very tailored nature of the bed and linens keep the bedroom from feeling too wacky.  I also love the gorgeous Kuan Yin porcelain lamp on the bedside table.

Photo: Laura Resin

If painting an entire room green is a little too much for you, there are tons of home accessories in various shades of green that will add a pop of color to your rooms.

This adorable ice bucket is from Pieces in Atlanta (be sure to check out their website for all the other fabulous things they have for sale.  Green and otherwise!)

These green Zombie Tumblers  from CB2 would look great lined up next to the green ice bucket on your bar for some more St Patty's day flair. Throw in some orange glasses as well to be truly Irish.

I love these storage totes from Hable Construction (Available at Pieces) 365 days a year, not just St Patrick's Day.  If you prefer that people not wear shoes in your house, put one of the totes in your entry and fill it with inexpensive flip flops from Target or Old Navy so your guests have something to slip on once they doff their shoes.  The tote is also great for magazines, craft supplies and so much more.

These pillows are so fun and they look like they are Missoni but only a quarter of the price! What would I do without West Elm?

Green is not just reserved for Saint Patrick's day -- it helps provide balance to a space and is a great accent.  Other options for green accents (beyond green house plants) are lamps, lamp shades, art, picture frames, decorative glass, sculpture, pillows and rugs.

May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!

- Irish Blessing