The Well Thought Out Guest Room

What makes a good guest room? You probably already know with out really thinking about it; when a host puts a lot of thought into the guest room, you wake up rested and refreshed with everything you need (or possibly forgot).

Here is a list to get you started on creating the perfect guest room (Warning: Your guests may never leave):

  • TV and DVD player

  • Reading material

  • Include some of your favorite books or paperbacks that are not in bookcases in public areas of the home.

  • Current issues of popular magazines

  • Closet space/Drawers

  • Many of us use guest rooms as extra storage and the closets are chock full of seasonal clothes, sports equipment or other items you have not been able to get rid of quite yet. When you are preparing for your guests’ arrival, carve out some space in the closet (complete with empty hangers) and clear out at least one drawer for the guests to put away their belongings. This will help your guest keep the room tidy which is a win-win for the guest and the host!

  • Bed

  • No matter the size of the bed, make sure the bed looks as inviting as possible. Clean sheets (hopefully matching!), a down comforter with an extra blanket or quilt across the foot of the bed and several pillows will always do the trick. Decorative throw pillows will complete the look.

  • Bedside Table

  • Lamp - seems pretty self explanatory, but I’ve spent the night in several places with no bedside light and it makes it hard to read to go to sleep when you have to cross the room to turn the (overhead) light out. Besides, I’m opposed to using overhead lighting in a bedroom, unless it’s a twinkling chandelier.

  • Notepad and pen/pencil for jotting down thoughts and or numbers

  • Alarm clock - so you (the host) are not responsible for the wake-up call!

  • Water carafe - you can find great water carafes that uses the lid as a cup

  • Scented candle - creates a homey feeling for your guest, and makes them feel special

  • Make an extra set of house keys so your guest can come and go as they please.

If your guests are bunking in a room or space that is usually occupied, like a den or living room, make room for them and clean up the area around the bed, especially the bedside table.

One final touch that will make your guest feel like royalty is the welcome note. It can be as simple as a personal note that reads:
“Welcome to my home. I’m so excited you are here and can’t wait to catch up”

You may also leave  a more detailed note that may include restaurant recommendations, wireless password, house phone + fax numbers, and any other contact information. You may also include an itinerary for the guests’ visit -- i.e any dinner parties, cocktail engagements or dinner reservations.

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All Images Brett C. Valenstein.  Design by Jeffrey Alan Marks Design