Affordable Art: Wall Decals Part Deux

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on how to use removable wall decals as affordable art.  Today I came across an amazing source for wall decals and had to share.  Acte Deco is a French company (bien sûr) and they have an amazing selection and color palette to choose from, I’ve featured some of my favorites below:

Acte Deco - Chevets Doubles

I love the cheekiness of these decals -- they would be great if you have not purchased nightstands for your room, or if your bedroom is too small to accommodate any more furniture than your bed!

Acte Deco - La Femme Papillon

The 70s vibe of this decal is so fantastic -- it kind of reminds me of the artwork for Air's "Virgin Suicides" soundtrack.  Couldn't you just see it in hot pink or orange or some other psychedelic color?  It would be fun to put it on a wall in a smaller, unexpected space like a powder room, a reading nook, or near a vanity.

Acte Deco - La Grande Savane

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is expecting her first child and the topic was how to decorate a nursery.  Her main concern (and I totally agree) is that the child would quickly outgrow any "cutesy" nursery décor and she was not really feeling pink, blue, or yellow with cutesy ducks, sheep, etc,  An African Savannah mural would look great in a child's room; not only would it not look too "babyish" but as the child gets older the mural would serve as a great source of inspiration and creativity!  This look does not need to be reserved for childrens' rooms -- it would be a fun addition to any wall in your house.

Acte Deco - Fil Graphik 2

If you love the idea of wallpaper but are a bit of a commitment-phobe, this design is perfect for you!   This design gives the look of wallpaper with zero commitment.  You can customize the look by ordering several different colored decals too!

Acte Deco also offers glass decals that mimic the look of frosted glass.These are great options if you want some privacy but don't like the look of window treatments in that particular window.  I live in a Mid-Century ranch home and window treatments like curtains are not traditionally used in this style of architecture.  There are several windows on the street-side of my house where these will definitely come in handy!

The frosted-glass decals above mimic the wall decal design above -- it kind of has a groovy 70s beaded-curtain feel to it, don't you think? (So Greg Brady's bedroom in the attic!)


Acte Deco also has a line of "Mirrored" decals -- this one would dress up a blah bathroom tout de suite! Place decals like this one over a counter top, chair rail, picture ledge, or large piece of furniture to ground the image.

Acte Deco - Dame Nature

Baroque motifs soften otherwise hard or severe modern designs and look great over beds, especially if you do not have a headboard.

Definitely check out the Acte Deco web-site at and let your imagination run wild!