Design Crush: One King's Lane

Have you heard of One King’s Lane? If not, you MUST check out their website at!

One King’s Lane is an invitation-only shopping site that features “sales events” of world renowned home decor brands at insanely good prices (sometimes up to 70% off!)

Founded by Susan Feldman and Alison Gelb Pincus, One Kings Lane is the “first, home-oriented private sales destination on the Internet, and its goal is to make living well an affordable reality.” Think of it as an online, curated sample sale -- no more pawing through piles of things looking for the “good” stuff!

In addition to the Sales Events, the site boasts a “Get Inspired” section from well-known interior designers like Ken Fulk, Nickey and Kehoe, and Kenneth Brown.

Recent “events” included products from John Robshaw, Ankasa, and D.L. & Co.

Please e-mail me at (or leave a comment) if you would like an invitation to experience One King’s Lane for yourself!