The Well Thought Out Guest Bathroom

What makes a good guest bathroom? Setting up the perfect guest bathroom is very similar to what is needed to make the perfect guest bedroom (see my previous post for details on how to set up an amazing guest bedroom).

The best way to go about creating the best guest bathroom is to think about what you need/use in your own bathroom and what you often forget when travelling and make sure to provide these amenities for your guest!

Photo: Elle Decor

Here is a list to get you started:


Face wash:
With the strict TSA rules regarding liquids in carry-ons, it is always thoughtful to provide liquid essentials to your guests.

Hairdryer and or flat iron:

  • More and more people are choosing to carry-on their baggage rather than check them now that airlines are charging for checked baggage (some airlines, thankfully, only charge for the second bag), so appliances are often left behind as they take up a lot of room. Travel-size hairdryers and flat-irons are considerably smaller (and more powerful) than their predecessors, but it is always nice to have a full-size one available for guests. If you are like me, there has to be an older hairdryer somewhere in your home that would be perfect for your guest bathroom.

Eye make-up remover:

  • While it is always considerate to anticipate your guests’ needs, providing eye make-up remover works to the host’s advantage as well; giving your guests the ability to remove their eye make-up spares your linens! I’ve also noticed the growing popularity of “Makeup” towels. Make-Up Towels are only used for removing make-up (or drying your face after washing) and often are monogrammed with “Make-Up,” thereby sparing your bath towels.

Handwash/bar soap:

Toothbrush + tooth paste:

  • Another item in the “often forgotten” category. Your guest will be very thankful to find a new toothbrush waiting for them after they realized that they forgot theirs!

Shampoo + conditioner:

  • See face wash above. I will often put shampoo and conditioner that I have picked up from hotels in my travels in the bathroom for my guests to use.


Q-Tips +cotton pads:

  • These too, are essentials often left behind at home.  Store them in glass apothecary jars or urns on the counter for a stylish touch.


Neutral/light perfume:

  • I often put the perfume samples I get from the department store cosmetics counters (or Sephora) in the guest bathroom and sometimes I’ll include fragrances that I’ve grown tired of as well. This is a nice touch that provides your guests with the option of freshening up while over for a party, or if once again, perfume was sacrificed in order to meet TSA regulations!  Arrange the perfume samples in a basket where your guests will be sure to find them.


You can never predict the future, so it is always nice to provide some first-aid essentials for your guests:

First aid ointment


Guest robe

Guest slippers

Plenty of fresh towels

Providing your guests with their own space during their visit is a win-win situation for both host and guest.  Your guest will feel totally pampered while you, the host, do not have to run around looking for these essentials for your guests as the need arises.  Anticipating your guests needs before their arrival also minimizes any interruptions, for say, heartburn medication because your Indian food experiment isn't sitting so well with your guests!