DB in the Dog House...Again

*Sigh* DB has been a naughty girl again and left you with no new material to read for far too long.  But have no fear, lots of new and exciting things have been cooking up here  at DB HQ and I can't wait to share them with you!

One thing to look forward to -- I will be pulling back the curtain on DB HQ and you will get to sneak a peak at my domicile as  I work to make it the party palace the bones of the house  deserve.  "Party Palace" in the classiest terms possible, of course,  DB would never dream of serving a cocktail in a red plastic Solo cup!

Since the economy is in a bit of a funk I will be channeling all my Recessionista flair into the décor into the space and  my hope is that the tricks I utilize will inspire you to do the same in your home!

Stay classy and fabulous Interweb, (I couldn't resist a little "Anchor Man" flair!)