Bespoke Wallpaper from Elli Popp


While in Paris for Maison et Objet this January I had the pleasure of meeting Katja Behre, the woman behind Elli Popp.  Her booth was part of an exhibit of emerging designers, many of which were English, so not only was I excited about Ms. Behre’s beautiful designs, I was able to converse in my native tongue.  Don’t get me wrong, I eagerly practiced my French with the vendors in other halls, but let’s put it this way --  my French design vocabulary still needs a little help.

ElliPopp.com_Paris01.09_MaisonEtObjet_3 copy.jpg Elli Popp's Booth at Maison et Objet, January 2009

Back to Elli Popp -- Elli Popp was founded in 2007 and features wallpapers with neo-romantic designs that use traditional, and some not-so-traditional color combinations.  One of Elli Popp’s goals is to create products and designs that meet their specific client’s needs -- this bespoke philosophy allows Behre to explore changing themes, sizes, colors and repeats.

In addition to wallpaper, Elli Popp also offers fabric, wall stickers, cushions, ceramics, tiles and rugs.

Elli Popp has been featured in Elle Decoration Germany (March 2009), Ariadne at Home - Holland (April 2009), idFX (September 2008) and Elle Decor Italia (October 2007) among others.

Here are some of my favorite papers pictured on Elli Popp's website, but I highly recommend you check the site out for yourself!:

ellipopp.com_P137-03_foxy flowers_petrol blues.jpg Foxy Flowers

I think the Foxy Flowers pattern would look divine near a woman's vanity or in a powder bath -- just a sprinkle of sass, not a huge dose!

ellipopp.com_P127-04_crazy ostrich-b&pink.jpg Crazy Ostrich

Crazy Ostrich is rather clever in that, from far away, it looks like an abstract repeating pattern, but close up it becomes, well, a crazy ostrich!

ElliPopp_Haiku_Berries_half drop repeat design_09.jpg Haiku

Haiku in the Berries colorway is hands down my current favorite.  Could it be because the colors are the same as Design Babylon's?  You be the judge. {*wink*}

ElliPopp_SpringFlowerRain_2 panel mural.jpg Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers is magical -- I would love to see it in a dining room or a long hallway.

If you like what you see, be sure to contact Katja Behre  at or +44(0)7957135041 !

I am so infatuated with all wallpaper that I am sure this will not be the last swoon-worthy wallpaper vendor that I will profile, so stay tuned!!!