Would You Put a Dining Room Table in Your Kitchen? I Would!

During one of my trips to France,  I noticed that many people had their dining tables in their kitchens -- I'm not talking the typical "eat-in"-style kitchen seen in many homes, but a honest-to-g0d table for eight smack in the middle of the kitchen.

The open-plan design for the kitchen and living area has been popular for a while now, but I personally have never been a fan.  I prefer to have my kitchen separate, but it is true that guests tend to gravitate to the kitchen, so I think the idea of having a dining table in the kitchen is fantastic.  A lot of kitchens have long islands designed for dining, why not trade out the cumbersome island for a beautiful table?  You can even use the table as a work surface while prepping.

Because of the popularity of the open-plan, formal dining rooms are getting used less and less, so why not take your kitchen up a notch and have dinner parties there?  If anything, it would make clearing the table a heck of a lot easier and you could repurpose the never-used formal dining room as a home-office, library, lounge, or whatever you want!