when can i move in?: kate spade's recently re-designed 5th ave flagship store

Picture 21.jpg

This past summer, the genius minds behind kate spade decided to re-imagine the design of their 5th avenue flagship store.  The result? The re-design captures the ebullient and whimsical spirit of kate spade in all three dimensions and is a treat for all the senses.

Picture 22.jpg

The designers wanted customers to feel like they were visiting someone’s wonderfully whimsical apartment, so customers are greeted by a candy-colored striped rug that draws you deeper into the store from the street — once the stripes reach the foyer and sitting area, the pattern is carries up onto the wall and is re-imagined as fanciful wallpaper.


Vintage furniture and pillows, books and candy cocktail rings from papabubble.com are mixed in with the kate spade merch, which creates a different shopping experience than walking into your more typical retail store.

Picture 26.jpg

In the main area of the store, quirky collectibles from lamps to ceramics are mixed in with items available for purchase.

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Many of the in-store vignettes encourage participation, like the vintage Olivetti typewriter, which is dubbed the “tweeterwriter” for sending tweets to your new fave kate spade bag, a record player with a collection of vintage LPs {that stands for long playing records, kids}.  A collection of brightly colored rotary phones deliver sounds of crashing waves, chirping birds and whistling girls.

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On another note, I’ve always coveted Carrie Bradshaw’s rotary phone that sat on a chair next to her bed — a bright yellow one would look absolutely fab in my bedroom, but I digress….