when can i move in {part 2}?: betsey johnson to design new eloise-themed suite at the plaza


Eloise Drawing by Hilary Knight © 1955 by Kay Thompson:
Copyright Renewed © 1983 by Kay Thompson

"I am Eloise.  I am six.  I am a city child.  I live at the Plaza."

And so begins Kay Thompson’s legendary book “Eloise.”  Legions of girls grew up with the most famous guest at the Plaza Hotel and, like many girls, I also wanted to be Eloise. Curt Gathje, a Plaza Hotel historian describes Eloise as:

“all about being rowdy in a public place, or acting up in a public place and being allowed to do it, but in a genteel way “

df-6 copy.jpg db misbehaving in the plaza, eloise-style

A trip to the Plaza to have high-tea in the Palm Court was a highlight of many of my years and I still can’t visit New York without visiting Eloise’s portrait.

Gathje also tells the story of  when the famous portrait painted by artist Hilary Knight disappeared from the lobby during a fraternity party a few years after it was hung.  Princess Grace was touring the hotel with her children and was dismayed to find the portrait gone, so Knight painted a new portrait which still hangs across from the Palm Court today.

eloise01.jpg eloise's room at the plaza. illustration: hilary knight

Much to my delight, I recently heard that Betsey Johnson has been tapped to design an Eloise-themed suite in the venerated hotel.  Who better to envision Eloise’s youthful exuberance {insouciance?} than the cartwheeling deisgner herself?

The suite will be Johnson’s first hotel collaboration and will feature two rooms decorated in shades of pink and black and will be full of surprises and distinctly “Eloise moments.”
Johnson showed her Spring 2010 collection in the Palm Court and is now busy creating the new “Eloise” experience for Eloise’s fans.

The suite will only add to Eloise’s current presence in the hotel — the Plaza currently offers a “Live Like Eloise” package as well as a “Live Like Eloise Slumber Party Package.” Get your credit cards out, the packages start at $895 and $3,595 per night, respectively.

Will the suite include a Nanny, pet pug named  Weenie and pet turtle named Skipperdee?  I guess we will have to wait and see!