color love | in awe of aubergine

Lately, or I should say in the past year or so, I’ve been really drawn to anything aubergine — jewelry, clothes, decor items, paint, anything you can think of really.  This attraction may be why I chose aubergine as the main color in my logo for Design Babylon!  There is something extremely strong and mysterious yet welcoming about rooms decorated in deep purple.

According to Steven Bleicher, a color psychologist and author of "Contemporary Color: Theory and Use,” purple is:

"…usually the first choice of children, meaning that they find the world kind of a magical place," said Bleicher. "And in adults, people who select purple in the first position as their favorite color seem to be very sensitive, but also have unrealistic goals and expectations."


While I’m not sure about the unrealistic goals and expectations part, I definitely agree that I often see the world as a magical place!

Historically purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Purple also has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid, lilac and violets are often delicate and considered precious.

Purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm (red) and a strong cool (blue) color so it has both warm and cool properties… a purple room can boost one’s imagination or creativity while if the shade has too much blue can result in moodiness.

Purple is also the color of good judgement and is the color associated with people seeking spiritual fulfillment — apparently surrounding yourself with purple helps bring about peace of mind… definitely something to think about! Or a great color to paint a meditation space….

According to Johannes Itten (yes — I dusted off my color theory textbook for this one!):

…Violet is the color of the unconscious — mysterious, impressive, and sometimes oppressive, now menacing, now encouraging, according to contrast

While I prefer the violets/purples I use to be encouraging and not menacing, I totally understand where the man is coming from!