My Apologies....


photo :: Mahal Bella Photography

Ugh!  And I was doing so well {posting regularly, that is…}!!  But in this case I have a good excuse for my absence. 

My beloved Jack Russell Lexus {known as Lexi} fell quite ill and I needed to send her to the great big dog park in the sky. 

She had a 15-year run on this earth and brought many people joy and happiness.  My tears are further and farther in between, but it is hard to focus on blogging right now.  Please be patient and I promise to be back with a VENGEANCE with regular posts soon.

For now, enjoy the above photo of Lexi taken by Annabelle of Mahal Bella Photography.  Lexi was very curious as to what the camera and flash were and followed Bella around as she photographed my house.