Thanksgiving at Our Ski Condo

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!  I apologize for the delay, but I’ve had some technical issues (*ahem* internet access)

Above is a photo of our table. As many of you know, rental ski condos don’t necessarily have the, er, most stylishly decorated décor so I had to make the most of the table setting.  (Yes, I realize that the photo is a little out of focus but I may have had a bit of wine before taking the photos.)

I brought your basic painter’s canvas dropcloth to use as a tablecloth, which I think turned out pretty well.  I also  brought out a set of plain white porcelain plates, orange cloth napkins and gold chargers; all available at your local Pier One Imports, World Market and Home Depot.

I wasn’t totally thrilled with the napkin ring slections at World Market, so I bought some inexpensive bangles near the check out line and made them work.

 Above is a close up of the table.  I added votives, glass containers filled with nuts and unscented white pillar candles and the spray painted squash.  Bonus of the nut display?  They are there when you are feeling a bit “peckish” — just clean up the shells when you are done.

I do have a simple warning regarding the spray-painted acorn squash, butternut squash, and pumpkins.  Unlike gourds, you can’t dry them out.  My center piece literally started to disintegrate within days (ick) so the squash AND the table cloth had to go.  The nut and candle elements can stay and be repurposed for Christmas, so stay tuned to see how I “make it work” (Thank you Tim Gunn).

My friends in the condo share my same quirky sense of humor and we decided to wear costumes to our feast.  We had a couple pilgrims, a turkey and an indian, and some party poopers.  I decided NOT to post the costumed photos of our merry bunch just in case any of them decide to run for public office (you’re welcome.)

I hope your Thanksgiving was as jovial and full of wine as mine was!