sound like a designer | bobéche

Pronunciation: \bō-ˈbesh, -ˈbāsh\ Function: noun;  Etymology: French bobèche; Date: 1855

gm.jpg image :: spirit of moscow

No no no… not babushka!  Bobéche!

boblarge-2-cristalier.jpg image :: cristalier

A bobéche is a glass collar on a candle socket that catches wax drippings.  Bobéches are often equipped with small metal pins to hold suspended glass prisms or crystals from candlesticks and chandeliers.  The pins can also be used to swag strands of crystals from arm to arm of a chandelier.
In the days before electricity, the bobéche was not only decorative, it was functional as well — the collar would catch wax and prevent it from falling down and burning carpets, furniture and even unsuspecting people (yeouch)

Thanks to Thomas Edison, we don’t have to worry about falling wax, but bobéches are still very much a part of the decorative arsenal.

tulips-de.jpg image :: country living

Bobéches are not just limited to lighting fixtures — I cam across this cool idea over at Country Living — take a simple bud vase, add a glass bobéche and hang some crystal lusters then place a single bloom (that can stand own its own) and voilà — a chic item for your table top!