scenes from my childhood...


After taking a look at this wallpaper, is there any wonder where I got my love of color and crazy patterns?

Above is a photo taken in the breakfast room of my childhood apartment in NYC -- I have many fond memories of this room as it is where my Dad and I would spend hours playing with Lincoln Logs after he got home from work. It's also where he taught my brother and me how to properly crack open a peanut.  I'm pretty sure I stole one or two gin martini soaked olives from Dad's glass in here too.  It was also the setting for many brother and sister fights and standoffs  with parents or babysitters when I didn't want to clean my plate.  Many episodes of Threes Company and Little House on the Prairie were also watched from our perches in the breakfast room.  Ahhh.... the memories.

A year or so later, the breakfast room was re-done and wallpapered with ducks, what good WASP doesn't have some duck décor in the apartment?  LOL.