color love | christian fischbacher's kahlo

Have you ever come across a fabric design that just speaks to you?  Maybe you aren't sure what to use it for at the time, so you tuck it away in your fabric library or tear sheet file so you have it when the day comes that you have the perfect project in which to use it.

That's how I feel about Kahlo from Christian Fischbacher.

The man himself showed me the fabric when he made a sales call at the firm where I used to work and I promptly pinned the memo sample up by my desk.  I tried to incorporate the fabric in designs for clients in Denver, but no one was biting, not even for a pillow.

How amazing would this look as draperies?  or what about upholstered on a folding screen?  I would use a contrast welt along the edges -- maybe the green or even a peacock blue.....

I still haven't used Kahlo, but the swatch is in my office constantly inspiring me.  Hmm.... could this be where I got my inspiration for design babylon's color scheme?

So how about you?  What fabrics make you positively swoon?