Do Interior Designers Provide a Linchpin Service? Looks Like Seth Godin Thinks We Do!

Alexandra Gibson, of Gibson Design Management just tweeted this article from the almighty Seth Godin and I found myself screaming “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” (but not in a When-Harry-Met-Sally-Sally-Performs-Fake-Orgasm-in-Deli-Kind-of-Way).   

Interior designers really do provide a “linchpin” service.  Godin defines a “linchpin” as ::

But when they find a linchpin, someone who will either make it easier for them to sell subscriptions or will bring an audience with them, the question isn’t how much time it took for the musician to do her set, the question is what did she bring in terms of value, right? An indispensable person, someone with a rare asset, has few substitutes and an hourly rate makes a lot less sense.

A good interior designer will make your life a lot easier when it comes to designing your space.  

A good interior designer will ::

  • Save you time (and time is money, right?)
  • Give you access to goods and services that are only available “To the Trade”
  • Bring their years of expertise and education to the table

Read Godin’s article over on his blog

and you might start screaming “YES!” too!