13 images that inspired db's home office update

I’m a shelter magazine-a-holic.  There.  I said it.  I eagerly await their delivery and then promptly tear them up and file the images that inspires me into binders like these :: 



The binders are great resources when I start a new project or just need some inspiration, so naturally when I started thinking about sprucing up my office, I marched over to the “home office” binder and started flicking through the pages.  Here are 13 images that really got the juices flowing  ::


images :: domino, november 2005

This space is easily one of my most favorite home offices ever!  Whenever I would think about redoing my office, my mind would drift back to this space.  The white-matted and framed artwork really pops off the dark walls, while the white trim creates a beautiful frame around the whole room.  In a space like this, make sure anything you want to “pop” is in a bright shade {like white} and anything you don’t want to draw attention to should be dark, so it recedes along with the walls.  

I also love the inspiration board and jars of pencils and pens.  Inspiration boards show what really make you “tick” and why not show off the “tools of the trade” like pencils, pens, etc in a pretty container?


image :: domino, january, february 2006

The use of metal cubes for storage, then covering them with inspiration photos is pure genius!  The desk literally disappears, leaving the collection of inspirational images center stage.  And the tulip chair!!!  Who doesn’t love a tulip chair!? 


images :: traditional home, july 2007

This is Marcia Gay Harden’s dressing room {trailer???  I’m not sure, I don’t have the rest of the article}.  The dramatic contrast of the  dark walls with light trim really appeals to me.  I also like the large-scale pattern of the fabric used for window treatments and upholstered panel near the daybed.  The homey touches throughout the space make it feel less “office-like.”  I ADORE the x-based desk too.


images :: domino, january/february 2006

These images are from the amazing Mary McDonald’s office — I’m drawn to any kind of graphic design gestures, like the painted stripes seen in the top photo.  Can you believe it’s an office kitchen!?  If only all office kitchens looked this chic!  J’adore any kind of passementerie and the ribbon glued onto the stripes and around the robins egg blue bulletin boards on the closet is amazing!  I must start thinking about how to incorporate ribbon or flat trim tape into my office…..



image :: domino magazine, may 2006

I prefer spaces that look lived in, like this vignette from former domino editor Tori Mellott’s beloved and oft-blogged about apartment.  I love anything lucite.  And piles!  Piles are my favorite organizational system (ok, pro organizers, don’t send a hunting party after me… piles just really work for me.  I’m really visual).  And the wallpaper!  Anything David Hicks sets my heart aflutter.



 image :: domino magazine, october 2008

Inspiration walls, are, well, inspiring.  They are windows into what make people tick.  Looking at other peoples’ inspiration makes me feel like a voyeur. But not in a creepy, stalkerish kind of way.  Not a huge fan of the mirrored tiles, however, they’re a little to disco-diva for me.


image :: domino magazine, april 2008

 Another cool inspiration board.



 image :: domino magazine, december/january, 2007

There’s another x-based desk — it’s such a classic silhouette.  I loved this space even before I noticed the stack of Hermès boxes everywhere!  sigh.  I’m a big fan of using stacks of books as decorative elements {they are also a great way to hide unsightly electrical cords}.  I am also OBSESSED with rotary phones — I blame Carrie Bradshaw.  How cool was the phone on the chair by her bed in her single gal apartment?


 image :: metropolitan home, november 2008

My current desk (it’s actually a dining table from cb2) is too big for the space — I want a desk like this one (there’s that x-base again).  I’m also considering a round Saarinen tulip table as well…. 



 image :: domino magazine, may 2006

As I mentioned before, I’m a very visual person and like to be able to see everything.  If I put something away, I often forget where it is or forget that I have it.  It’s kind of a problem, actually.  For that reason, I love the open shelving in this office!  Open shelving is also a great way to display all your tchotchkes and mementos.

Well, there you have it.  These are the images that inspired me for the currently-under-way office makeover!  If you’ll excuse me, I have another coat of paint to apply.  Dark, dramatic colors always seem like a good idea until you’re the one applying the gajillion coats of paint.  sigh.

Stay tuned for more in-progress photos!

PS I’m not sure WHAT is up with my scanner, but some of these images look über-grainy.  I’ll look into it.  When I can find it (it’s currently buried under all my other office stuff).

PPS Did you notice that practically ALL the images in the post are from the now-shuttered Domino Magazine?  Oh Domino, how I miss you.  Thank god for Lonny and Nesting Newbies!