Sustainable and chic? *swoon*!

Regular readers of this blog know that I absolutely adore Billy Haines, so when I discovered the Pure line from Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman it was love at first sight!  {In case you are a) new to design babylon interiors, or b) new to Billy Haines, read Advice from the Design Legends :: Williams Haines, written by yours truly}

What really caught my eye was the Sylvan Slipper Chair, and this is where the Billy Haines reference comes in.  The Sylvan Slipper Chair is reminiscent of Haines’ Hostess chair (also known as the Brentwood chair).


Haines’ Hostess chair is a symbol of Hollywood Glamour and is perfectly suited for cocktail party conversation.  The design is based on the classic silhouette of a Greek Klismos chair and was designed to flatter women.  How you ask?  The angle of the seat (from front to back) is angled to show off a woman’s legs when she is sitting.  How fantastic is that!?

So back to the EF + LM Sylvan Chair.  What makes it green and sustainable?  Are you wondering how something so glam can also be green?  The entire Pure collection was designed to exude luxury and comfort and boy, does it ever!

Some of the features of the Pure collection ::

 So go ahead, drape yourself over the Sylvan chair and know that you made a little bit of difference in the environment!

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