Fabric Fascination Friday :: Lulu DK

I couldn’t resist the totally fantastic alliteration of “Fabric Fascination Friday” — I’m a word dork, I just can’t help it. 


AND I love love love love love Lulu DK.  When I first started working for Jeffrey we used A LOT of her designs, especially Catwalk and Madison.  To this day when I see those patterns I get a wee bit nostalgic of the hectic and ever entertaining days of working with Mr. Marks.


catwalk by lulu dk

madison by lulu dk 

Lulu de Kwiatkowski is the youngest of SIX and was raised in NYC by an insanely successful industrialist father and very fashionable mother.  Lulu was raised in a very worldly household, her father spoke twelve languages (!?!?!?) and her family enjoyed regular trips to far-flung, exotic locales.  

She received a fine arts degree from Parsons School of Design in NYC and travelled to Paris to study the art of trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) painting.  She was inspired to transform her own fine art motifs into textiles after watching tradesmen in an artisanal fabric mill in France.  Lulu DK the company was born in 1998 and now includes lines of textiles, wallcoverings, luxury bed linens, rugs and even leather furniture.  Her fabrics can also be seen in premier resorts such as the Four Seasons, the W, and St Regis.

These are some of my favorite lulu dk designs (besides catwalk and madison, of course) be sure to go to her website to see all the designs and colorways you can play with!! ::


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Her book LULU (from Ammo) is AMAZING!  Her multi-media collages (that also serve as inspiration for her textile and wallpaper designs) combine painting, drawing, photography and writing that are very influenced by her childhood :: 

“My childhood was a world of chintz and sorbet colored walls created for us by Sister Parish, whose whimsical designs proved to be very influential for me.”


I received LULU as a gift this Christmas and it really is my go-to when I need to be inspired!  

Her site also has a blog full of her collages, inspiration and other news, I highly suggest you click over and check it out as well.