lacroix's "petit" gem in the marais


 If I were to try to imagine a hotel for Eloise to live in when she grows up, I think she would be most at home at Le Hotel du Petit Moulin.

The boutique hotel is in the oh-so-fashionable Marais in the 3eme arrondissement and the interiors were designed by Christian Lacroix ::

“When I designed l’Hotel du Petit Moulin in Le Marais, I had the impression of rediscovering an erstwhile childhood dream, left by the wayside. A dream of living in a hotel, building a decor, day after day, in the colors of the times, putting ambiences together into volume and space and not only on paper or through fashion collections. At Le Petit Moulin, we pass from a rustic Marais in toile de Jouy to a more zen or design Marais or from an historical Marais in damasks to a more playful Marais. It is all these contrasts that I have endeavored to translate into seventeen ambiences corresponding to each of the seventeen rooms, like seventeen ways of experiencing the Marais”.Christian Lacroix……………….

I am a huge fan of adaptive reuse {see my post on the Musée d’Orsay} so I was excited to learn that the building dates back to 1615 and is listed as the oldest standing boulangerie, or bakery, in Paris and many of the orignal details of the building are still inctact.  For example, the reception desk is the glass store counter from the original bakery!  Lacroix paid homage to the bakery and the era it was in operation, while using his trademark dramatic pops of colors and mish-mash of eras and styles.

As the building is registered as a historic monument, the façade needed to remain the same and there were definite restrictions on what could be changed/demo’d inside.  Case in point, the ridiculously steep stairs.  Good thing there is a lift for all the well-heeled fashionistas that frequent the hotel!   Lacroix’s bold, over-the-top statements are a nice change from the often staid, or even sterile, boutique hotel design.

Each of the 17 rooms are unique, and they really are, er, “petit,” but you are in the Marais, in Paris — so why would you want to stay in the room for an extended amount of time anyway?


“It reminds us of doll houses, or of the cut-through views of buildings found in 20th century encyclopedias, where the atmospheres were very different from one floor to another,” Christian Lacroix.

In some of the rooms, Lacroix’s “croquis” or fashion sketches are blown up and used as murals — how fab would it be if one day my random doodlings were murals!?

Enjoy the slideshow of some of the other whimsical spaces Lacroix designed for the hotel! ::



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I also found this great video of Lacroix speaking about his designs {en français, naturalement} with some footage of the interiors as well!