db redesigns her home office :: the beginning (part ii)

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!  I didn’t hear any blaring sirens, so I will take that as a sign that none of my neighbors blew off their fingers. 

I am slowly making progress on my home office re-do and I thought I’d share more of the process with you.

Here is the furniture plan as it is now ::


The existing desk is actually a cb2 dining table that I purchased back in 2005 for use in my Venice Beach apartment (oh, how I miss that apartment…. *sigh*).  


You can see in the plan that this is the perfect example of “just because it fits, doesn’t mean it ‘fits’ in the space.” {You can see another one of my “design assistants” lurking in the background….}



 I would love to be able to place the desk under the window, but it would block access to both the closet and the bookshelves.  The drafting table location isn’t exactly ideal either, but it needs to be in the office so that is where it landed.

Another big design problem is the eyesore of a h20 heater::

Lovely, isn’t it?  The new design is definitely going to be addressing that sucker. Obviously, relocating the h20 heater isn’t really a possibility, and I do need to maintain access to it as well.  Hmmm…. the wheels are turning…

As I evaluate the current design of my office, it is clear that I am not using the storage as efficiently as I could and as such I will be focusing on how to improve on the storage solution.  As a designer you would not believe the amount of resources and research material you need to keep close at hand.  

My predilection for piles doesn’t make for a clean, clutter-free presentation so I need to figure out how I can have both sides meet in the middle.  I also need to come up with a solution that I will be able to maintain — I often caution clients who tell me that they want the ultra-clean clutter-free modern look.  I love the look like the one seen in the image below, but I know myself well enough to realize it is not a plausible one for me!


Feldman Architecture modern home office

The” B&B Italia-look” is a very high-maintenance look if their lives aren’t already stream-lined and pared down.  I guess it could kind of be compared to the hair color client that announces that they want a Gwen Stefani-esque blonde and say they understand the maintenance involved only to realize {after it’s too late} that they are not prepared to set aside a couple hundred dollars per month and a few hours to sit in their stylist’s chair in order to keep the look where it needs to be.

The other major element that I MUST have in my office is an inspiration board/wall {see my post on home office inspiration and you will see my obsession in living color} — I’ve got a couple ideas up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

Did you miss part i of my home-office project?  You can find it here.