Loehmann's, YSL Paris & Memories

So, yesterday after checking out the Weekends Only Warehouse (WOW) in the suburbia that is Lone Tree I stumbled upon Loehmann’s in the same shopping center.  Loehmann’s!  That bastion of great deals and keeper of many of my childhood memories.  Of course I had to go in and wander the aisles.  I remember my Mom taking me to Loehmann’s in Brooklyn to literally paw through bin after bin of clothing looking for that hidden treasure.  This is where my Mom taught me how to “schlep,” and for that I will forever be grateful.

Check out this video of Kathy Griffin and Robert Verdi in the amazing-ness that is Loehmann’s ::


So back to yesterday… I was naturally drawn to the perfume section and stumbled upon a bottle of YSL Paris Pont des Amours.  Yves Saint Laurent! Paris! Lover’s Bridge!  A screaming deal!  How could I resist?  The one problem?  The box was still shrink-wrapped and covered with stickers telling me not to open the box in order to help Loehmann’s keep the prices down.  There were no sample bottles either.  So what’s a fragrance and Paris obsessed girl to do?  Take a gamble of course.


 image :: yesterday’s perfume

Once I got into the car I immediately opened the box and spritzed away and was immediately taken back to spring break in the Bahamas during my sophomore year in high school.  That was when I bought my first bottle of YSL’s original Paris scent.  Studies have shown that five senses play a major role in the process of making, storing, and retrieving memories and smell is especially evocative.  I clearly remember walking along the counter of the swanky perfume store, running my fingers along all the beautifully faceted glass perfume bottles feeling slightly intimidated by the imperious woman behind the counter.  I also remember marveling over the bottle of Boucheron perfume, which was modeled after Princess Di’s engagement ring before stumbling upon the flacon of Paris.  I didn’t know much about the high-fashion world, but I did know that Yves Saint Laurent was kind of a big deal and my Mother regarded the pieces he designed that hung in her closet as treasures.  So I spritzed.  And I loved.  The now-classic scent is redolent of rose and violet and my little 16-year-old heart was in love.  

When I smell the original scent now, I am amazed at how heavy it is {and even more amazed that I wore such an overwhelming fragrance}.  My newest purchase of Paris, Pont des Amours is significantly lighter and starts out with rosebuds, followed by violet and orange blossoms.  The scent ends with May rose, jasmine flower and clove and I am once again in love and quite pleased with my gamble and all the memories it brought back!  

Do you have a fragrance that brings back memories?  Good or bad {Drakkar Noir anyone?} Share your story in the comments below!