quick décor idea :: scented candles

image :: diptyque, paris


I firmly believe that scent is a key part of interior design.  Scent-memory is a very powerful form of recall…

do you ever catch a whiff of something and are immediately transported to another place, time or memory? 


Diptyque’s Baies makes me remember my little studio in the 6th arrondissement in Paris and its charming garrett-like quality. After climbing five flights on the ancient round staircase, the first thing I’d do would be open the window to cool off, filling the studio with the sounds of the Boulevard St Germain below.  After I’d cooled off a bit, I’d light the Baies candle, pop the cork on a bottle of wine that I purchased that day at the Franprix or Monoprix sit on the window seat and watch Paris go by five stories below.  Heaven, if you ask me.


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When it comes to candles I am always willing to spend a little more money — the fragrances are more concentrated.  I find some of the other, ahem, less-expensive candles are reminiscent of bathroom deodorizers.TJ Maxx Homegoods and Tuesday Morning both have great high-end scented candles so you can get more bang for your buck.