dreaming of fall :: 10 drool worthy cozy rooms

Although it certainly doesn’t feel like fall yet in Denver I am nevertheless dreaming of crisp days meant for curling up inside with a mug of coffee or tea and your favorite throw blanket.


image :: house beautiful


This room SCREAMS cozy to me.  The luxe fabrics would be like swaddling to this fabric-obsessed girl.  I would curl up on the love seat and lose myself in a book while the sounds of the motor bikes and sirens of Paris go by.


image :: traditional home


So glam!  Yet, so cozy.  I’m not usually a fan of the flat screen above the fireplace, but in this case it works.  Can you name the movie playing?  Leave your answer in the comments area!



image :: cottar’s 1920s camp


Where’s my Denys Finch Hatton!? This room/tent satisfies some of my “Out of Africa” fantasies.  Can’t you just hear the sound of Mozart playing on the gramophone while a lion roars in the distance?  I can if I close my eyes…



The furniture arrangement totally makes me think of “conversation pits” from the 1970s!  Perfect for reading a book or playing Uno on a rainy day, don’t you think?



I LOVE it when a nook is created for a sofa on a bookcase wall… it definitely ups the “cozy” factor.  The light from the sconces above the sofa probably creates a wonderful glow at night.  Lighting is super key when creating a mood!



The scale of this cheery room is über welcoming!  J’adore the leather ottoman as a coffee table — everything in this room just screams soft.


image :: metropolitan home {nov/dec 2003}


Calling Albert Hadley!  The chairs surrounding the coffee table is a Hadley signature.  This arrangement is great for facilitating conversations.  Sofas are great and all that, but how often do you have more than two peeps sitting on one?  It’s some strange personal space thing — people always want at least the equivalent of  one person’s space in between them.  Kind of a waste of real-estate, no?  This set up eliminates the problem.


image :: southern accents


This photo makes me think of “Atonement” or any other film set in a huge castle or manor in the English countryside. How fun would it be to pull the drapes shut and lose yourself for a few hours?  Sign me up!


interior design :: connie beale {house & garden march 2005}


Ooh!  A book lover’s dream! And check out the librarian ladder!  I’ve always wanted one of those.  Turquoise and orange make a fantastic color scheme and I’m OBSESSED with the leading edge detail on the window treatments and the passementerie on the lamp shade.  It’s all in the details, folks!


interior design :: joe nye


The scale of this room and the caramel-colored walls totally draws me into the space — the love seat cushions look like they would totally swallow you up in down-filled bliss!