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I’ve been thinking a lot about Paris lately, which should come as no surprise to my regular readers as I am an unabashed Francophile.  I’ve visited Paris in the Spring and the Winter, but never Fall.  I imagine fall in Paris to be magical.. Yes, Fall is magical season in many places around the world, but Fall in Paris must be magical to the nth degree.  

When I spent the Winter in Paris, I loved to wander about at night and snap away with my iPhone.  Not the best quality photos, but interesting nonetheless.  These are some of the photos I captured on those nocturnal wanderings.  My aimless walks were also captured in some other posts I wrote at the time — Nocturnal Wanderings, + Nocturnal Wanderings Part Deux.  The passage below by Maxine Rose Schur perfectly sums up how I felt as I walked around Paris totally bewitched.  

Bon Weekend!




 all photos :: brett valenstein

For some time, we threaded up and around some side streets until suddenly Paris was spread before us.  How beautiful it looked!  Exactly like my idea of Paris.  Like everyone else’s idea of Paris.  Vibrant and askew.  The gold -lit Eiffel Tower tilted jauntily, and for a beret, wore the moon.  The bateaux-mouches were now spaceships floating on a black iridescent ribbon, while at the Place de la Concorde, the obelisk was a rocket taking off.  And fat at the city’s cusp sailed Sacré Coeur — a white ship guided by stars.  Yes, that night, it seemed Paris, in sympathy with us, twinkled and trembled, and leaned too in fervent anticipation.  An excited city listing toward love…


Maxine Rose Schur, Passionate and Penniless in Paris