Not Quite Bah-Humbug, But Not Will Ferrell in "Elf" Either...

lynn goldsmith :: CORBIS

Here we are on December 15th and I am SO not in the Christmas spirit.  I’m not anti-holiday, I’m just meh.  I think it’s because I’m in Southern California.  You can put as many Christmas lights on a palm tree as you want, it still isn’t a Christmas tree in my book.

Christmas to me is the tree at Rockefeller Center, the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorfs, vendors selling roasted chestnuts and the Nutcracker.  Or, if I’m in Jackson Hole, walking into a holiday party from the freezing (or all to often, below freezing) outside and being encircled by the warmth of the heat and the other guests inside.  The air smells of pine tree and cinammon and everyone is in their holiday best, or worst holiday sweaters (if that is what the party calls for — I would NEVER voluntarily wear a Christmas sweater).

But, I am not in either of those places for the Holiday Season this year and rather than complain I should start my own SoCal tradition and get to decorating.  I wonder how they decorate in the Southern Hemisphere… How do you decorate for the Holidays if you aren’t in a traditionally “Christmas” climate?