I Miss My Home Office

photo :: annabelle buchanan for crave

The old adage goes “you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone” (or something like that) and I must agree.  In my current living situation I don’t have a home office and I am at a total loss.  Nowhere for a printer, tear sheets, not even a place to hide the mail (read:bills) I’m not ready to look at quite yet.

Back to when I actually had a home office I decided to spiff it up (you can see my posts of the "before" (ugh) here (this was back when I was Design Babylon) and the above photo was the result.  I painted the walls aubergine and the trim a bright high-gloss white.  The interior of the bookshelves were painted a soft grey color and then I bought all the black grosgrain ribbon at my local Michael's and glued it next to the edges to define the bookshelves further.

photo :: anabelle buchanan

I also took a large piece of corkboard and painted it white to use as an inspiration board.  Each inch of the board was promptly covered by images so you can't really even see the white!  And the above photo was several hairstyles ago, in case you were wondering :)

My office was my sanctuary, a place I surrounded myself with inspiration, it was by no means perfect but I loved it: